Women2Nite Study-WELCOME!

I can hardly stand it! Summer is over, Fall is here and that means our bible study is beginning. Yippee!! We are going to have a rip-roaring God-time in His word, I just know it. I have already immersed myself preparing this summer in the book and study by Catherine Martin, Trusting in the Names of God. If you are joining us on Monday nights at the Grove or by cyberworld you are in for a real treat. I promise, promise, promise!

I have created space on my blog for us to dialogue about what we are learning. I have found that I learn best with others along the journey. Post your thoughts, questions and/or comments as we study each week and let’s have a blast growing together. You can find all the posts once we get rolling under the category “Trusting in the Names of God.” on the right side of the web page.

To get a dialogue started, What do you struggle with in trusting God?

Learning to trust Him more