Women Emerge

Women Emerge is an ongoing evolving movement that began in 2002 with a dream that birthed a leadership conference with opportunities for small groups, speaking weekends, retreats, networking and training. The heart and desire of Women Emerge is to continue this movement by networking and collaborating intentional conversations in small and large groups. Our dream is to grow and propel women into being more intentional in connecting others to increase our influence together both individually and collectively.

Watch for the next phase and gathering of women who are committed to influencing their world.

Calendar of Events

Women Leading with Influence Course

Dates TBA

Course Description

In the ever-changing shifts in our culture, women have unique needs that call for a diverse approach to ministry. No matter what season of life, they need opportunities to develop and grow spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. This course seeks to further deepen the principles in Romans 12:4,5, that the local church is the heartbeat of God’s objective for the kingdom. It also reflects the growing need to equip and empower women who are emerging as leaders. This program will also seek to impart biblical truths in each topic that render the importance of servant-leadership as it applies to the broad scope of ministry and as it relates to women specifically.

Primary Objectives

To help further engage women in leadership development for the purpose of helping them to understand who they are, what their gifting is and how to use it practically in leading ministry teams, small groups or events.

To give each woman the opportunity to be connected with an experienced and seasoned woman in leadership. ?This course will seek to equip women in giving them a biblical foundation and tools of what it means to be a woman in ministry with a broad and practical overview of serving in their local church and community. The course will address how to live out their unique gifts and for the greater kingdom work.