When You Are Living Two Weeks Behind

Ever feel like you are living two weeks behind schedule?

Hard to catch-up?

Take a breath?

I love summer and usually I find it is a season to push the reset button.

I’ve been waiting for a few weeks now to do just that–regroup, reset, renew, refresh and all the rest of the “re” words that define rest. And yet, I feel as though I am two weeks behind hitting reset because I’m still running.

It’s been a whirlwind since the calendar year turned over to 2018.  There has been the highest highs with travel, book deadlines, book signings, book launches, events, and the lowest lows with my Mom being sick and saying goodbye to her in April.

Then there is the loss and emotions of grief that come in waves. One minute I am just fine and the next out of nowhere it hits. Tears and feeling overwhelmed. Not to mention everything in between with carrying on with family and my regular teaching schedule.  Honestly, it’s taken a toll on me more than I’d like to admit. I’ve worked hard to make sure I don’t crash and burn but it’s time for a little more concentrated me time and soul care.

Even when I haven’t been as busy in previous seasons, I try to set aside extra chunks of time in the summer to refresh and renew. Why? Because I can only go at warp speed for so long before I short circuit. It’s how I am wired. My husband says I am like a high-octane sports car driving fast and furious for a season and then limping into the repair shop to recharge.

Since knowing this about myself I try to follow the example of Jesus who in Luke 5:16 tells us that,

“Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”

I often wonder why Jesus who is God felt the need to escape and it can only be because of one reason. He was also human and needed to push the reset button. He experienced weariness, loss and pain. He centered himself by withdrawing to peace and quiet away from the crowds and pressing needs others thrust upon him. He found a lonely place, uninhabited by anything or anyone so he could talk to God in prayer. He found his strength in the lonely and deserted places praying.

Lonely places without distractions and prayer will definitely be a part of my reset and reflection this summer.

I just have to get there even if it is two weeks behind schedule!

Reactivating my emotional and spiritual well-being looks different every year. It’s easy to slide into the warm summer days and be lazy. Not a bad thing for a few days, but not a habit I want to permanently adopt for the whole summer. My soul longs to continue to listen and grow to be more like Jesus. The only way I know how to do that it is have some sort of plan so I won’t stand still and lose my connection with God in the midst of the weariness.

I’ve included this blog post a freebie PDF

5 Ways to Renew and Stay Connected to God in the Summer

These are just a few of the ways I’ve discovered over the past several years what works for me. I don’t practice them all at once, I choose which resonate with the ache in my soul for restoration. Choose one two, three or more and create your own so you can stay connected and be bold in your growth steps this summer. And my prayer is they might be ideas and encouragement to push the reset button for you this summer.