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Are you a woman who looks in the mirror and is daring to be more? Do you need a gentle push or shove in some cases to take a risk and step out to the assignment God has purposed for your life? Are you longing for encouragement, inspiration and affirmation to help you get started?  In this new book Unlocked, these questions and others will be answered as you read the accounts of women in scripture and true to life stories from women around the globe.You will get a glimpse of how they overcame their own obstacles and fears resulting in a turnaround of displaying a godly confidence to step out.

In my experience, I have witnessed scores of women stay stuck in their life issues and it makes me sad to think what is lost when a woman can’t see past her circumstances. I know first-hand what it looks like to be stuck in pain and disappointment, I’ve been there–own the video and the T-shirt! I wrote this book because I am motivated to help women move beyond their life situation and to realize that they are a catalyst for leading and influencing their world. We have a misconception of what leadership is and in this book I am hoping it will tear down some of the myths women believe that keep them from stepping up and taking action. This is what drives me passionately to teach and write, to empower others and help them see that God delights in moving us past our issues and embracing our brokenness–that is what I believe gives us credibility in serving others!

When I began writing this book, I surveyed my network of leaders from Canada and the United States. I asked them to list the reasons why women are reluctant to step up. From that research, I found several common reasons  why women have trouble embracing their potential. These became the myths in the book that we need to dispel in order to realize our potential and as the Nike commercial says, “JUST DO IT!”

This book is for anyone who has a desire to believe Ephesians 3:20, that God wants to do “above and beyond all that we could ask or imagine” and just needs a jumpstart. It is for you who might lead a small group, work at a school, are the Mom in the neighborhood, a woman  who holds a leadership staff role in the church, you may lead in a Christian organization or anything in between. It also is helpful to use as a resource to lead a team of developing leaders, teach a seminar, or one-on-one mentoring of an emerging leader.

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