One of my ultimate favorite movies is the Disney produced movie, National Treasure. It is the story of uncovering clues amassing to the discovery of a great treasure. My own personal theology of leadership parallels with the premise of the story and clues that I seek to discover about my own leadership. Some of these clues involve understanding life experiences that point to personal history.
The first clue is not rushing the process of development in my own character by learning to embrace the journey of God’s sovereignty in my life. Second, learning, loving and serving the people God wants me to be in healthy relationship. Lastly, digging and holding fast to the Word of God which are the promises that speak to me of God’s desire to do above and beyond all that I could ask or imagine. Paul’s prayer to the Ephesians in 3:14-21 reveals the clues to accessing God’s unlimited treasure he wants to unleash in my life. More clues are found in Philippians 2:1-11 and have been the treasure that have shaped and purged away my pride in my character helping me to be a servant leader. As a result, I believe in team leadership with Jesus as my example. I have been blessed to have many influential leaders in my life that I have both learned from and served alongside. I am passionate about connecting and networking with other leaders developing teams and making dreams happen.