Meet Cynthia

Author, speaker, Life Coach and Leadership Influencer. I am a truth seeker, dream giver and love inspiring others to flourish. In the past few years I’ve realized that as an influencer my desire is to live bold for Jesus Christ and leave a legacy for others.

It is a privilege to share with others about my own life journey. Like most people, I’ve had my share of ups and downs. One of my core values is “no pain is wasted.” Clinical depression, performance issues, marriage struggles and fearful insecurities have been some of my not so desirable companions on the journey. However, they have out of desperation pointed the way to ironclad promises from God and the Bible. My desire is to live bold for Jesus inspite of my own insecurities and fears. I am passionate about empowering others to live out their potential. I love writing and teaching God’s truth, being a Life Coach, and speaking at conferences and retreats. One of my more recent ventures is teaching leadership to international and adult students as an adjunct professor at Trinity Western University.

In contrast to my serious side, sometimes my friends can’t believe the creative therapy I make time for which includes knitting, giving parties and once in awhile tackling a big project like sewing a wedding dress, just because. Connecting over tea or coffee with a friend, indulging in fine chocolate and shopping for just the right pair of shoes with a girlfriend makes me smile!

Unashamedly, I love Jesus and doing life with my big, loud and sometimes crazy family – my faithful husband, three amazing sons, their beautiful wives, AND the awesome joyful opportunity to spoil our wonderful grandchildren.



I believe that each one of us will leave a legacy. We have a choice of what imprint that legacy will mark and how we will impact those we love and the lives we influence. I want to be intentional about what kind of legacy I will leave. I believe in being a woman who loves well. I believe in being intentional about standing in the gap for those who have no voice and to influence others to bring awareness of social justice issues.


Some of the greatest leadership learnings have happened in the crucible of pain in the storms of life. One significant storm drove me to go back to school and in 2012, I graduated from Trinity Western University with a MA in Leadership. My paradigm of doing life and leadership shifted. A new opportunity to wrestle through a lifetime of beliefs reshaped the core of my leadership and a new chapter was birthed. I am passionate about connecting and networking with other leaders developing teams and making dreams happen.

Being Bold

I can be anxious, fearful and timid, but I choose to live courageously and boldly for Jesus. I have been misunderstood and wounded but I choose to boldly give grace and forgive. Somedays, I am confident and other days I am insecure, but I choose to rely on God’s Word and walk boldly with confidence in my identity in Christ.

Cynthia’s Favs


Hands down, Mexican!

Second would be Italian.


top reads right now:

Mrs. Oswald Chambers by Michelle Ule

Soul Care When You’re Weary by Edie Melson

The Power of the Other: The Starling Effect Other People Have on You by Dr. Henry Cloud

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth


who changed their world…

Abraham Lincoln

Marie Ens


Who has influenced me the most?

My grandmother and women in my world who have overcome obstacles and stepped out in faith to make a difference.