Comparison and Facebook

Tonight, I had the privilege of speaking to a group of college women about the trap of comparison. I brought up the contrast of falling into comparison and Facebook. As I was prepping, I came across a blog on this topic, it hit me square on. This is subtle bait from our enemy to travel down that rut in our minds diminishing who God made us to be! I shared this and that I was reflecting on what I had recently learned and we had a lively discussion.

I found myself in awe of the awareness of these amazing young women. They had such brilliant insight. One said that on Facebook, we don’t really share all of ourselves, we don’t often share the bumps and bruises but wanting to put our best “face” forward when we post. The goal is to get “likes” and “comments” so we can feel better about ourselves. Wow! Such wisdom from this generation and so we talked about, is it really connecting relationally on social media on a true heart level? Do we really see beneath our “faces?” We asked ourselves tough questions; when we look at Facebook does it cause us to actually compare our lives with others? For example, wishing we had a better life, or why does that person seem to have more comments, more likes, or for Twitter fans, more followers? I could of listened to them all night.

As they walked out the door, I gave them a love letter from God compiled from promises in scripture that tell us exactly how God sees us. The assignment was to cozy up in their beds before they went to sleep and read it so their minds could be renewed as they slept. They graciously thanked me for coming and for sharing with them. Honestly, I was the one who was blessed. These lovely young women have big dreams for God and they are renewing their minds so that their comparisons don’t distract them from God’s destiny for their future.

I really do have fun on Facebook, it can be a effective way to communicate in our society, but it has it’s drawbacks. I just found it fascinating and it was refreshing to honestly take a topic like comparison and see how something as culturally relevant as Facebook can feed the comparison lies. We as a group determined that knowing the truth is what sets us free (John 8:32). The reality is that God gives us the thumbs up of his unconditional love every single moment of our “posted” lives. He “likes” us each and every day!