Camping Out With God

WOW! Did we have a great night yesterday or what? I was so incredibly blessed to see all you beautiful women ready to launch into an adventure in studying God’s word. I hope that you will discover new truths or be reminded of ones you are familiar with as you begin Week One.

We asked the question last night, “What do we struggle with most in trusting God?” I wrestle with the fear of not knowing the immediate future. I struggle with God not giving me the information sooner than later. Why is that? I like to KNOW things…so I can PLAN things….so I can feel like at least I am in CONTROL of some of my life. Whoa…is God pulling the rug out on me on that one! How silly of me to think that God is going let me in on more than I need to know when I need to know it! When will I learn this? So you see, like you I am on a journey of learning to trust God deeper. We can do it!

I am praying for you this week Psalm 27:4. I am asking God to give you a hunger for that “one thing”, to seek to be in his presence. To hangout with Him in His tent, as we talked about last night. Remember the promise of God in verse 5. He is “covering you” and “sheltering you” in His glory because He is crazy about who He made you to be!!

Learning to trust more!


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