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Anchored encourages ministry leaders to lead with integrity in the midst of difficult life storms. Sharing personal examples, ministry leader and pastor’s wife Cynthia Cavanaugh equips believers with the biblical and leadership principles necessary to maintain influence and to courageously remain anchored to the Rock—Jesus Christ. So when those storms come, and they will, you’ll know how to deal with that deep question: how can I lead in the midst of this storm and keep my witness intact?

What others are saying:

Anchored is a powerful resource for all ministry leaders. With tender honesty and gut-wrenching transparency, Cynthia Cavanaugh reveals the struggles we face in the midst of leading and the only way we can make it through the storms of life successfully. She consistently points her readers to biblical truth, practical strategies, and life-changing choices that lead to healing, restoration, and hope for the future. Every Christian leader should read this book.” —Carol Kent, speaker and author,He Holds My Hand: Experiencing God’s Presence and Protection

“I don’t know of a better time in culture to have this resource. Pastors have all experienced crisis. Whether a small or catastrophic crisis, we felt our adrenaline pumping—our defensiveness leading our reaction to a perceived or real threat to our ministry—and we searched for solutions. Cynthia Cavanaugh’s biblically solid approach in Anchored addresses the all too common reality of leaders everywhere in a practical and applicable way. Every pastor should read this book!” —Dave Curtiss, vice president of faith engagement, CRISTA Ministries

“In Anchored, Cynthia Cavanaugh confronts the storms of life with honesty, courage, and hope. It’s a beautiful balance of personal story and insight from Scripture, reminding us of God’s presence and faithfulness. Cynthia gently challenges us to remember that whatever the storm, no matter how intense or unrelenting, we can choose to feel safe and protected because of the one who anchors our souls.” —Jenni Catron, founder of The 4Sight Group and author of The Four Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership

“Every leader has faced personal crisis, but not every leader has survived. Cynthia Cavanaugh has not only weathered the storm but has learned the essential secrets of staying anchored even in the storm. Writing authentically, Cynthia invites you into her journey and shows you how to put practices in place to keep you anchored in the crises of life. If you’re in any type of leadership role and are longing to leave a godly legacy, this book is a must-read!” —Becky Harling, international speaker, leadership coach, and author of How to Listen So People Will Talk

Do you feel disconnected from God?

Do you long for intimacy with your Creator but worry your weaknesses and failures have disqualified you from walking boldly with Christ?

Live Bold invites you to move beyond your debilitating self-perceptions as it challenges you to become truly engaged in the growth of your faith. Weekly readings and guided journaling will embolden you to
– reflect on your faith,
– choose obedience,
– discover the bold faith within you,
– impact others for Christ.

Inspired by their grandmother’s poetry, cousins Andrea Tomassi and Cynthia Cavanaugh designed this year-long devotional journal to encourage readers to develop confidence in their faith and to Live Bold for Jesus. Through fifty-two weekly readings, organized by monthly themes, your soul will be stirred toward both reflection and growth while thought-provoking journal prompts and bold action steps will guide you to step out of your comfort zone and bravely forward with Christ.

Emotional trauma can leave a woman feeling hopeless and out of control—just ask the authors of the stories in She Writes For Him: Stories of Resilient Faith. And when in the midst of a difficult and painful journey, finding God’s comfort and redemption is not always easy—but it is possible, because with God “all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

It’s not often we speak about abortion, shame, betrayal, depression, anxiety, and loss in our circles of faith. It can be uncomfortable as we try to reconcile why a good God allows suffering and pain. Life is messy, and yet we need not silence these stories. She Writes For Him is written by brave women who have boldly ventured out to tell their hard stories with vulnerability and transparency.

These resilient women have found that God can be trusted in the midst of difficult and tragic circumstances. They have found God’s redemption in their pain and their willingness to look doubts in the face and claim God’s steadfast love over their trials.

“While each woman’s journey is different, many of us experience the same emotions and painful encounters,” says Cynthia Cavanaugh, managing editor of the She Writes for Him stories. “Redemption Press wants women to know they are not alone and that they can find healing for their devastated hearts—just as the women in these stories did.”

This book is Redemption Press’s debut in a series meant to infuse hope and courage to others who have experienced similar journeys.

Available at your local bookstore or retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Christian Book Distributors and others.

What keeps you from living in freedom? Are you wearing a mask to hide from others?

Performance issues will rob your identity and keep you from being real and transparent. Freedom in Christ will transform you to worship God, love others, and tell your story.

Performance was a significant stronghold in my life and crippled me in areas I didn’t even recognize until God freed me.

Learn to:

  • Recognize your own masks and veils.
  • Live authentically.
  • Overcome veils of depression, anger, and secrecy.

Included are life-map timelines exercises, insightful questions, and journaling pages – practical tools to apply God’s truth to your personal struggles.

Read an excerpt!

Available at your local bookstore or retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Christian Book Distributors and others.

Are you a woman who looks in the mirror and is daring to be more? Do you need a gentle push or shove in some cases to take a risk and step out to the assignment God has purposed for your life? Are you longing for encouragement, inspiration and affirmation to help you get started?  In this new book Unlocked, these questions and others will be answered as you read the accounts of women in scripture and true to life stories from women around the globe.You will get a glimpse of how they overcame their own obstacles and fears resulting in a turnaround of displaying a godly confidence to step out.

In my experience, I have witnessed scores of women stay stuck in their life issues and it makes me sad to think what is lost when a woman can’t see past her circumstances. I know first-hand what it looks like to be stuck in pain and disappointment, I’ve been there–own the video and the T-shirt! I wrote this book because I am motivated to help women move beyond their life situation and to realize that they are a catalyst for leading and influencing their world. We have a misconception of what leadership is and in this book I am hoping it will tear down some of the myths women believe that keep them from stepping up and taking action. This is what drives me passionately to teach and write, to empower others and help them see that God delights in moving us past our issues and embracing our brokenness–that is what I believe gives us credibility in serving others!

When I began writing this book, I surveyed my network of leaders from Canada and the United States. I asked them to list the reasons why women are reluctant to step up. From that research, I found several common reasons  why women have trouble embracing their potential. These became the myths in the book that we need to dispel in order to realize our potential and as the Nike commercial says, “JUST DO IT!”

This book is for anyone who has a desire to believe Ephesians 3:20, that God wants to do “above and beyond all that we could ask or imagine” and just needs a jumpstart. It is for you who might lead a small group, work at a school, are the Mom in the neighborhood, a woman  who holds a leadership staff role in the church, you may lead in a Christian organization or anything in between. It also is helpful to use as a resource to lead a team of developing leaders, teach a seminar, or one-on-one mentoring of an emerging leader.

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Under the Broom Tree: 10-Day Devotional and Journal for Women Struggling with Depression

This is a personal journey of Cynthia’s struggle with depression in a 10-day devotional with a glimpse of how she coped with depression from entries of journal. There is also a place to record your own thoughts and prayers with words of encouragement and scripture to give you hope and comfort.

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