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When You Are Afraid Of Christmas

“I just wish I could blink into January,” a friend who is a single Mom wrote me a personal FB message last year because the season was feeling overwhelming and reminding her of everything she could and couldn’t do because of her limited resources. The most wonderful time of the year can ramp up emotions […]

Saving Christmas

Her deep brown-black eyes and dark curly hair beckoned a second look from me in the store. She was standing all alone holding a book and as soon as her eyes saw mine she called out timidly, “Where’s my Nana?” My friend and I looked around and didn’t see any adults close by. I leaned […]

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep with Gratitude

The past several months I’ve decided that I needed to cultivate gratitude. I found too many negative thoughts swirling around from situations I couldn’t control and certainly wasn’t going to be nominated to be the designated fixer any time soon. Life is overwhelming, the world seems out of control and sometimes my heart just hurts […]

When You Leak as a Leader

Hang with me for just a moment while I tell my… Take-forever-to-get-somewhere-whiny-traffic story. It took me nearly 3.5 hours to drive 36 miles last week. I was a bit frustrated and out of whack because I couldn’t do anything about it. I sat there dead stopped on the freeway and had no choice but wait […]

What Do I Do When the Big One Hits?

My sister and I were waiting in the ferry line with the wind howling and rain pelting my small SUV. We were on our way to Vancouver Island where I was going to be the speaker for a women’s weekend  at Camp Qwanoes. We both had to go to the bathroom and wanted to wait […]

5 Ways to Kill a Team

Every Tuesday morning I show up at a university campus to teach leadership to international students who mainly come from China and the surrounding region. We have a fascinating time as we merge Eastern thought about leadership with Western ideals. This semester we are discovering the group dynamics of teams and most of our work is […]

Why Everyone Needs A Tribe

As a writer, I’ve been floundering for a few years. I didn’t know it but I was looking for a tribe. I was wandering and then realized what I needed… People who were like-minded and crazy enough to sit down at our computers for long hours writing, in hopes it will influence others. If I am […]

Unleash Your Joy!

Today I have the honor of hosting author Heidi McLaughlin in a guest post. Heidi is a dear friend and has just released her new book Restless For More.  UNLEASH YOUR JOY!                                 by Heidi McLaughlin Whenever I meet women […]