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When You Have to Wait in a Storm

The word wait has been interrupting my world lately. In South Carolina last month, I had to wait several hours in an airport because I was one of the hundreds of others caught in a snowstorm and stranded. I had a stack of boarding passes from being rebooked several times. I nearly sat down and […]

How to Let Go, Let God and Choose Joy This Christmas

Panicky thoughts overwhelmed me yesterday as I was about to finish up everything for Christmas. It’s what happens to me each time I approach a deadline about anything. And even though I try to plan well and organize my time, the moments still come. It’s a mystery. I can so easily get caught up in […]

Dispelling the Myth of the Perfect Christmas: Part 3

I’ve always wished I could of witnessed first hand when the angel came to visit Mary. Here was an ordinary teenage girl experiencing the supernatural phenomena of the messenger from God Himself. I can’t hardly wrap my brain around it let alone conceive how I would respond if I were her. And yet Mary’s response […]

Dispelling the Myth of Perfection at Christmas: Part 2

There are 12 days, 15 hours, 32 minutes and 18 seconds until Christmas arrives. How are you doing? Are you giving yourself room to be imperfect? Are you tuning out some of the bombarding messages that the stores and media are sending to us? I am more aware of this since I wrote about it […]

Dispelling the Myth of Perfection at Christmas

There are exactly 20 days 13 hours 4 minutes and 40 seconds left until Christmas, or as my grandkids would say 20 sleeps left! I don’t know about you but right now as that clock is clicking down it makes me go into a cold sweat and break out in hives. How about you? Knowing […]

When Your Legacy Lives On

“How can you understand him?” This is what my friends used to say about my grandfather when I was a teenager. My grandfather, or “Papa,” as we affectionately called him spoke several different languages. He was a self-taught linguist. When he spoke, sometimes he used English, German, and Russian all in the same sentence. This […]

When Mother’s Day Is Enough for Everyone

The days leading up to Mother’s Day can be a struggle for many women. Expectations are high largely in part to everything we see in the media and our local shopping malls. It has become one of the most financially successful holidays for businesses. This year I did a little research wanting to understand the […]