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Changing My Image of Prayer

When I was a little girl if I was in trouble, I often heard the phrase, “Wait until your father comes home.” Because I heard this phrase continually, I would withdraw and hide from my Dad. By projecting the image I had of my own father I learned to see God as someone who was […]

Finding Questions to Help in Loss and Grief

I’ve been swimming in grief of losing my Mom and trying to carry on my daily responsibilities. There isn’t always space to stop and reflect because lately my schedule has been full. I know I have to let grief have it’s way and not ignore what’s happening in my heart despite the busyness. I wanted […]

Making Grief Your Friend

I boarded a plane two days after I learned my mother graduated to heaven. I had an assignment. For months, two monumental events were planned that took place this past week. Anchored: Leading Through the Storms was released with a book party at our local bookstore. The Women Of Joy Tour started, and I was […]

Living in Uncertainty

One of the things I love about being a life coach is helping people clarify their purpose and find their stride. Most of us, if not all of us, find several times throughout our lives of living in uncertainty. Change can be disconcerting and even frightening. But instead of dreading change we can see it […]

Thinking Clearly in a Storm

I am an overachiever, overworker, overperfectionist, and overthinker. These dysfunctions in my life have come as a result of analyzing too much and not taking my thoughts and filtering them through God’s Word and direction. I’ve had to work hard to retrain my brain so when I am in a storm, I can make a […]

How to Sleep in a Storm Under Stress

I have always been a good sleeper. When all my friends talk about their tossing and turning and taking melatonin, I tune out. I can fall asleep nearly anywhere. And naps? I relish my Sunday afternoon naps. Tomorrow is National Public Sleeping Day. I wonder if that’s the day Jesus fell asleep in the boat […]

When You Have to Wait in a Storm

The word wait has been interrupting my world lately. In South Carolina last month, I had to wait several hours in an airport because I was one of the hundreds of others caught in a snowstorm and stranded. I had a stack of boarding passes from being rebooked several times. I nearly sat down and […]