A Tribute to Maggie 1997-2010

Funny how life-altering decisions can ease their way into your day and you find yourself having to let go. Today was an ordinary Saturday, mowing the lawn, cleaning the house and enjoying the simple pleasures of the last weekend of summer. Later in the afternoon, Kevin and I found ourselves in the vets office having to make a decision neither one of us had the courage to make. Our little spit-fire girl Maggie was sick. She has been dramatically sick at times and we have found her to be resilient in bouncing back. She has bounced back from  bumping into screen doors and scratching her eye, seizures and oh yes need I forget, her near death chocolate eating escapades. But today was different. Her injured eye of a few years ago revealed something more serious. She became listless, lethargic and her usual spunk was gone.

It was surreal as we listened to the vet read off our options like a newspaper report. Plain and simple it was a series of issues all connected that at her age of nearly 14 years really only could mean one thing. One thing we weren’t prepared for, one thing we had no idea when we woke up this morning we would have to make a hard choice, to let go. Let go of our little companion. As we both sat in the office  our faces wet with tears we said goodbye. We cried, we told her all the things we loved about her. Yes, even me. For all the times she drove me crazy, she still was a very lovable companion and I will miss her.

Maggie, I will miss your determination to find every scrap of food on the floor, butter on the table, chocolate in hidden places and surveying the room before you jumped up on the table to help yourself to leftovers. I will miss the memories of your cuddles with the boys, laying in Kevin’s lap as he read each morning with his cup of coffee, our walks and yes even yelling at you to get out of my kitchen!

Maggie wiggled her way into the hearts of those she stayed  with as well. She left her mark that is certain. She chewed through little boy’s lunch boxes to eat the corner of a forgotten sandwich. She playfully bit her caretaker’s dog. She became an unexpected visitor to neighbors who left their front doors open. She ran away several times looking for an adventure.  And yes, the most unexpected, her dachshund hunting instincts captured  my nieces bird in the house proudly thinking, “This is what I was born to do.” Unfortunately, my niece didn’t feel the same way. Oh Maggie, you were mischievous, fun-loving and yes sometimes very, very naughty. But we loved you and we will miss you.

Maggie came into our life in a time of transition back in 1997. Jeremy was just finishing highschool and soon would be leaving for college, I had to let go. She left our life today at a season of transition of becoming empty nesters this past year, another time of letting go. Maggie was just  a dog, a really cute dog, but she had a purpose. She was a life companion through moments of letting go.