The Second Seed

The last few days, have you noticed the evenings have been cooler? The leaves have been drifting off our trees in the front yard. My flowers are showing signs of the falling of summer stress. The sunflowers have died and all that is left is the seeds.

It is the sign of the end of summer and the beckoning invitation to enter autumn.

My summer has been jam-packed with events, trips, friends and family and has been far from “the lazy days of summer.” It has been a whirlwind of both surprises and even some disappointments, but it’s been a fabulous time. And yet, I would say there is a pivotal space of reflection bringing in some new thoughts with the catalyst for a little bit of change.

Yes, at times I think too much because I am a melancholy. But this summer has helped to clarify stirrings in my heart and here is my summer summary if you will.

I moved into June feeling like my words for the year “Live Bold” wasn’t seeing too much action. I wondered what it might look like for the remainder of the year. What is God asking of me? Something was brewing underneath all that thinking and between what I experienced from trips to relationships, I finally got a glimpse of the bigger picture.

TD Jakes said it best when I heard him at the Global Leadership Summit the beginning of August. He is embarking on numerous projects and Bill Hybels in an interview asked him as a leader if it is wise to spread yourself in so many different directions.

His response intrigued me and caused me to think about my own word for this year, Live Bold.

He talked about how each gift that God entrusts to us is a seed and that within the seed there are other seeds and we need to pay attention to those second seeds. He was referring in particular to the second half of our journey of life.

Many seeds are developed in terms of our gifts and yet there are seeds within the seed that are part of our responsibility to do something.

I started thinking because that is what a melancholy does and came up with these questions to ask myself.

What seeds lie dormant inside the seeds of my gifts that God has entrusted to me?

What do I need to start to water so that seed within the seed will grow?

I started with a list to answer these questions a few weeks back and have been adding to it. I am not sure what those little seeds will look like just now, but I am watching and praying. In the meantime, I am making room for those new seeds to develop by rearranging some of my priorities for this fall.

I can’t help the second seed grow if I don’t make some room for it to flourish. I am setting some boundaries for myself to work at helping these second seeds grow. Instead of rolling from the summer into fall as usual, I believe those stirrings in my heart are to get my attention. It’s easy for me to just step into the familiar and make a plan for a new season.

I think God asks more of us at times.

He wants us to listen in the midst of the familiar because he wants us to grow deeper.

Isaiah 43:19 has long been a favorite,

Watch closely: I am preparing something new; it’s happening now, even as I speak, and you’re about to see it. I am preparing a way through the desert; Waters will flow where there had been none.

I’ll keep you posted but in the meantime, I am watching closely. You might want to give it some thought. Are there seeds within your seeds that need to start to grow this fall?