Worship and my Tongue

I’ve been more silent lately. I’ve been reflecting and thinking, thinking and reflecting–about my tongue. Sometimes my tongue gets me into SO MUCH TROUBLE! I am a verbal processor and that can be good and bad at the same time. When I hear myself talk out loud forming the words of my thoughts, at times my tongue rushes ahead with careless words out the door of my lips and before I know it, I’ve done it again! Instead of worshipping with my tongue and giving life to others, I fall short, talk and talk, explain more and more until I’ve dug a great big pit that is hard to climb out of. You see, getting the words out helps me to think, it’s like having a conversation with myself which is okay if no one will be injured by my wrestling of contrary thoughts.

Honestly, at times I think I have been prideful in processing out loud. I’ve thought it to be a rather brilliant quality, but lately, oh lately, not so sure. I’ve admired people who can articulate quickly and say more with less. I’ve wished I could be so agile verbally or smarter with my responses, but I am not. I need time to process. I need to muse, to roll over the thoughts in my mind before I can speak smartly–more like, speak with wisdom and discretion. But I don’t do that, instead there is no margin between my thoughts and my tongue and there needs to be more often. God is showing me this so clearly because I’ve blown it the past few months out of hurt, anger, tiredness and frustration. Worshipping with my tongue is learning to control what comes out of my mouth no matter how much my emotions are churning. Learning to guard the thoughts that might turn into a rush of words and practice self-control measuring them to make sure they are full of life and delivered at the proper time is wisdom keeping me for the most part out of trouble.

Proverbs 15:2 says, “The tongue of the wise utters knowledge wisely, but the mouth of the self-confident fool pours out folly.” Ouch! That hurts, but that is what needs to happen to this verbal processor. Proverbs is full of verses on the tongue and how to keep it in check. I am adopting this verse and asking God to help me acquire the discipline found in Proverbs 31:26, “She opens her mouth in skillful and godly Wisdom, and on her tongue is the law of kindness [giving counsel and instruction].” AMP

I want to worship not just when I sing on Sunday mornings, in the car or in the privacy of my home during my devotions. I want to worship with my tongue and the words I speak, for my words to be an act of worship reflecting a heart that is in love with Jesus.

My “Word” for June

I love writing, its cathartic for me but when you have a blog I feel like somedays, what should I write about that matters today? I don’t want to just throw stuff out into cyberspace about my reflections on life that are random. I want them to make a difference. I want to encourage and inspire people to flourish and live life brilliantly the way God designed them to. So, as I was thinking about it. I am kind of a structured kind of girl. Not too structured, but enough to keep me moving forward. Too much random chaos sends me over the edge. I can handle it in small doses but for the most part, I yell inside my head, “Okay time to bring this into order.”

So now where am I going with these random thoughts? I thought I might experiment in my blog with every month choosing a word and then writing about it. I am going to give it a try at least for 3 months. That’s my go to–try anything for three months and see if it sticks. For June, the word WORSHIP has captured me like a sticky note reminder on my fridge.

So here goes…it will be short and sweet for today. Yesterday, it was an amazingly gorgeous June day. I was driving in the country, worship music blaring and just observing all that God had set before me. Don’t worry, I was watching the other traffic, tractors and all. I had a panoramic view because I have a fun car, okay I have a Mustang convertible that my husband bought me for a “big” birthday several years ago! On days like today and yesterday there is something wonderful and refreshing about driving in the country, convertible top down, worship music blaring and the wind blowing through my hair and touching my face. It is like a kiss from heaven! I can see everything from a different perspective and it changes my viewpoint of the day.

Now I have a confession, yesterday, I was so overwhelmed and anxious. I was having trouble settling down, I could almost feel myself want to crawl out of my skin. I tried alot of things, but the one thing that works for me is cranking up the tunes and singing at the top of my lungs. Can you picture it? Blue mustang convertible screaming down a country road, Grandma driving like a teenager (I have 2 darlin’s and 2 more on the way) in the driver’s seat, singing at the top of her lungs like a crazy person with one hand up in the air resting on the top of the windshield. It was like being on a roller coaster and doing the wave, one handed mind you, but nearly the same. it did the trick. By focusing on Almighty God, my rock, my refuge, my very present help in time of trouble, but in this instance feeling overwhelmed and anxious, it cured me of my anxiety and heart sickness. Before I knew it, I felt the freedom in my heart and spirit, and I was grateful. That is what worship did for me yesterday. How about you? What does worship look like for you?