Why Should I Give Up Chocolate for Lent?

Okay, so I was sitting at work on Tuesday February 12th and some of us were talking about not eating sugar for Lent. Mindlessly, I jumped in and said, “I’ll do that too, but let’s wait until after Valentines Day.” We agreed, we made a pact to hold each other accountable and we promised to check in on each other. I didn’t start on February 15th because my sister and niece were coming up for the weekend to celebrate their birthdays, and I couldn’t let them sit there by themselves and eat cake without me! SO my first confession was, I missed the first two days.

I started February 17th and plan to go until April 1st. So here it is the 9th day and I am still asking myself, “Why did I give up chocolate for Lent?” Yesterday was a tough day, and more than any day I wanted to eat the Lindor Dark Chocolate in my cupboard, M & M’s, chocolate covered cranberries from Trader Joe’s (another favorite) and even a bag of plain chocolate chips. It was then that it hit me like a brick, my craving was a signal that I was anxious for God to meet me in that emotional painful place that I was trying to fill with sweets. So……I gave it up because I realize I am desperate to hear God’s voice right now above the noise in my life. I wish I could get away and sit on a beach with my journal and bible for 10 days to listen and hear God, but it’s not a reality right now. Giving up chocolate and sugar is something I can do to lean in and tune my spiritual radar into hearing from God on a few matters in my life that remain unsolved. I am giving it up as a discipline and a reminder that I need God more than I need my daily dose of chocolate. I am a wimp when it comes to fasting, but I know I need to do more because my heart is hungry for God and He is so much more than my latest favorite, Chris’s Outrageous Cheesecake. Meet me April 1st, at the Cheesecake Factory? I’ll be there but my soul will be amazingly satisfied!